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Recently I read another mummy blogger’s interview with her 3 year old (My Petit Canard) and it really inspired me. So here is mine, questions courtesy of My Petit Canard, thank you so much for nominating me to complete the #LittleOnes interview. I should mention that this wasn’t done in one sitting and that Bethany is a true threenager so most of her answers were originally “I don’t know”, the attitude is already incredible. Dreading the actual teenage years!

1: what is your name?
Bethany, Queen Bethany (we watch way too many princess movies)
2: how old are out?
3, almost 4 (this is a lie, she won’t be 4 til 2017 but she is obsessed with being big!)
3: when is your birthday?
4: how old is daddy?
I don’t know… 5?
5: how old is mummy?
15 ( very insulted!)
6: what’s your favourite colour?
7: what’s your favourite food?
Fish fingers (sigh!)
8: what’s your favourite drink?
Apple juice
9: who’s your best friend?
10: what’s your favourite programme?
Paw Patrol
11: what’s your favourite song?
Whitney Houston (clearly this isn’t a song, but the ones most played are “It’s not right, but it’s ok” and “I will always love you”, she takes after her mummy on this one, an 80s girl!
12: what’s your favourite animal?
Leopards, they’re funny. And hippos (we went to the zoo last week. Neither of these animals were actually there?!)
13: what’s your favourite book!
You Choose (this is an awesome book by Pippa Goodhart and Nick Sharratt asking your child to use their imagination, we have to read it before bed EVERY night… Thanks Pippa and Nick)
14: what are you scared of?
15: what makes you happy?
Mummy ❤️❤️❤️
16: what is your favourite thing to do?
Read stories and painting
17: where is your favourite place to go?
Wisley gardens and the park
18: what do you want to do today?
Go to the park (slightly influenced by the answer before 😂)
19: what do you want to be when you grow up?
A big girl (love this answer!)
20: what do you like helping mummy do?
Bake cakes
21: what do you like helping daddy do?
Make coffee
22: what’s your favourite thing about mummy?
She’s nice, she’s funny
23: what’s your favourite thing about daddy?
He’s funny (daddy’s sense of humour centres around poo, pops, and anything bottom related. Bethany thinks this is hilarious but neither of us are about to launch into the world of comedy just yet…)

I also asked Bethany the same questions, but about me, not surprisingly, we have the same likes, dislikes, fears etc. We are, after all, the same person! I did ask her what I do when she’s not around and she said “running” lol! That’s pretty close! I have since decided that I should probably tell her more about mummy, I mean, I don’t even eat fish fingers… For now though, I think I’ll just go along with it. Anything for an easy life, and who isn’t afraid of monsters…?

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  • Let your light shine Mummy

    Ah that’s so sweet. I did something similar with my eldest (almost 5 year old), I saw a Facebook post with questions and asked him, though his were mainly laughing and I don’t know answers! The age ones are always so funny, I also like the Queen Bethany answer. Xxx

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